We had an awesome time in San Fran raising almost $400.00. We were able to purchase the disks for the gyroscopes with these funds!

See the flyer for our BBQ at the end of July! Looks like we will be getting a show of some classic cars out too!!! 

Still plugging away at the metal shop getting our base completed. 



  • We found our fabricator!!! Mr. Angel will be building the carousel and is kindly donating the labor to create this project.
  • More charms available at the Carousel Candeo Fundraiser VC Art Market May 14th.                             We will be at the Mini Parkon Main Street between Oak and Palm St. 

  • 5/13 Construction begins! We start work putting the base of the carousel together today! 



  • We didn't get the grant we were hoping for. Looks like we will be doing some more fundraising! 

  • 3/17 Our Large 8 ft by 6ft Sheets of glass are here! Time to clear out the garage!!

  • 3/22 Acrylic Rings for the kaleidoscopes are here!!

  • Carousel Candeo Fundraiser VC Art Marketon April 9thfrom 12 to 4pm

  • We have begun our Indiegogo campaign and raised $1320.00 dollars already!! Follow the link here to donate!!

  • https://www.generosity.com/fundraising/carousel-candeo



  • Thank you to everyone who purchased a necklace in support of the Carousel. We have now raised $1,500.00!!!!

  • We have submitted a letter of intent to the Burning Man Arts Foundation, if accepted I will be able to submit a full proposal to ask for funding to assisting building this installation.

  • Our Letter of Intent was accepted! We made it to round two!!  

  • 1/25 We have submitted our proposal. Now a nail biting four week wait!!!

  • 2/25 Still waiting to hear about our grant!!! In the meantime we have started ordering the supplies needed to make the gyroscope brackets for the kaleidoscope walls!!