Kaleidoscope Kandeo

What Kaleidoscope Kandeo will look like at Burning Man 2019

What Kaleidoscope Kandeo will look like at Burning Man 2019


Kaleidoscope Kandeo….

is a 20 foot tall faceted teardrop-shaped tower made from bent steel tubing. Clad in iridescent laser-cut paneling, the installation will be a shimmering tear when illuminated at night. Gazing upwards within the hexagonal interior, participants observe a colorful glass gem suspended above a conical mirrored structure. Participants are invited to create a shared experience with each other by powering & observing the spinning gem box. Utilizing two different handles, participants will create & fluctuate the complex rotation & spin of the gem box. Without communal effort the kaleidoscope's image will remain static. Reflections of the colors & complexity of motion will create a fantastic kinetic kaleidoscopic image.  At dusk, the laser cut paneling will reveal backlit patterns of light that make the kaleidoscope a waypoint in darkness. A frosted cap atop of the structure will create a glowing beacon that will be seen across the playa.

We strive to create a sense of childlike wonder that adults lack access to.  Utilizing spinning elements, sparkling lights, & places for hands to tinker we are creating art that gleefully yells: “come play!”  We desire to induce a somatic response by asking participants to witness the spectacle above & create the same awe and wonder a child feels when it looks into a kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope Kandeo aims to recreate this environment primed for moments of connection & play - but on a much larger scale. We invite participants to investigate & interact with the mechanics of the installation, allowing them to create enchanting images to gaze upon. Like Burning Man, all experiences & images viewed within Kaleidoscope Kandeo will be different for each & every participant. We seek to remind others of the joy & creativity found in play, how the very act pulls us into the moment & calls us to experience.


kaleidoscope kandeo fundraising

Support Kaleidoscope Kandeo by sending your donation directly or by purchasing your very own kaleidoscope!


blissmas model.jpg

Blissmas Kaleidoscope

Purchase the original model of Kaleidoscope Kandeo to help us fund the rest of the project. This is a uniquely crafted scope featuring a fire painted color wheel painted by Deniz Nicole. 1 of 1.



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kandeo pendants

fire painted acrylic pendants to support the construction of kaleidoscope kandeo! Each of these charms contains a gem of light that will illuminate the kaleidoscope as you approach. Make sure to visit with a friend and see what magic appears!!! Add your color of choice and I will do my best to accommodate.

$25 for one- shipping included.

$40 for two- shipping included.

number of charns

Help support Kaleidoscope Kandeo buy purchasing your very own 7.5” version of the future installation!

Each kaleidoscope has been hand fire painted and features beautiful light casting patterns on the exterior.

$100.00 plus $13.00 shipping.

Limited quantity.